Christina Buschell

Christina is a Certified Medical Biller here at our center and joined our practice in 2015. She is a seasoned medical/surgical biller with over 15 years of experience in her field. She serves as an important liaison between our patients and their health insurance carrier. She has a wealth of knowledge and understands the complexities and challenges that we all face in today’s ever changing health insurance environment. As we all understand, each patient must be clear about their own benefits and responsibilities but here at our practice we like to think that our patients have a trustworthy and informed resource to rely on as they navigate their financial responsibility and return to good health.

The Harmony Center billing department follows directives from CMS-Center for Medicare/Medicaid services guidelines for compliant billing practices. The HARMONY Center Surgery of Ears, Nose and Throat complies with and adheres to HIPPA directives and guidelines within our practice as we deliver healthcare to our patients. We respect your privacy. Our office is committed to protecting your personal financial & health information via our HIPPA compliant EMR-Electronic Medical Record. In the event that you would like to communicate with our HARMONY Center Patient Billing Department, you are welcome to send a secure HIPPA compliant email to

When Christina is not helping our patients with billing issues, she enjoys spending time with her husband boating on Lake St. Clair, visiting their son as he serves in the Marines and baking amazing homemade cake pops with her daughter for family, friends and hungry co-workers.