Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ENT emergent condition?


It is imperative that you seek medical care within 24 hrs of onset when sudden hearing loss occurs.  Our practice is equipped with on-site audiometric diagnostic testing equipment that can provide valuable information to our providers to initiate medical treatment, to give you the best opportunity to recover the hearing loss.


Please call our office to schedule an evaluation of your symptoms of dizziness. Our office is equipped with balance and hearing diagnostic equipment that can provide a diagnosis so that a treatment plan can be made. Our patients should be aware that local urgent care facilities very often are not equipped with the audiology diagnostic equipment that can diagnosis this emergent condition.


Please call our office so that our staff can determine the best course of action to triage your emergent condition and you will be directed to an appropriate health care facility.

What do I do if I’m running late for my appointment?

We honor a 15-minute late arrival policy for all scheduled appointments.  We respectfully request that you phone our office to make us aware of your late arrival and if time permits we will attempt to still accommodate your appointment.

What happens if I don’t show up for my appointment?

We respect your time and ask that you respect the time that we have reserved for you and if you fail to arrive for your scheduled appointment,  “no-show” then there will be a fee applied to your account.

Can I still be seen for my appointment if I forgot my identification cards/insurance/referral information?

Unfortunately, Our insurance payer guidelines and our own office protocols prohibit us from rendering services to patients that have not provided the required identifying information.