Understanding Hearing Loss

What did you say?

How often have you found yourself asking friends or family to repeat themselves – You heard something, but were not really positive what was said.  This problem of hearing, but not understanding is usually the result of progressive hearing loss over several years.  This problem is called loss of speech discrimination, and can be particularly frustrating.


Myth: I can hear ok now…I’ll just wait to get a hearing test until it gets really bad.


Fact: Hearing loss usually occurs slowly over several years.  While it is happening, you are also losing speech discrimination – the ability to understand.  Once this critical part of communication is lost, it can never be regained.  Only the use of a hearing aid can slow down the progression of this loss.


HARMONY Audiology and Hearing Aid Center offers programs to allows you to understand the options that are available and makes purchasing a hearing aid more affordable.


Hearing Aid Selection: We are able to offer you the use of a “State of the Art” hearing device, which is digitally tuned to your particular hearing loss, for one week, at no charge.  This trial period will let you experience what current hearing aid technology can do for you.


Michigan Rehabilitation Services: We help our patients who are employed in the State of Michigan gain the state sponsored subsidy for hearing instruments.