Hearing Aid & Balance Center

When you have hearing loss, trying to decipher quiet dialog in a movie or following a conversation at a noisy cocktail party can be almost impossible. But modern hearing aids have come a long way. Today’s models can be worn inside or behind the ear and make a huge difference for the wearer. At HARMONY Center for Surgery of the Ears, Nose, and Throat, we offer various options in hearing aids because we don’t think hearing loss should make you miss out on life.

How is your hearing damaged?

There are various factors that can cause hearing loss — aging, injury to the ear, damage from noise or from certain medications, or as a result of various medical conditions. The problem is, only one out of five people with hearing loss choose to address the problem with a hearing aid.

What is in a hearing aid?

Hearing aids are all similar when it comes to the electronic components. They have a microphone that picks up sounds, a mini loudspeaker that delivers sound to the ear canal, an amplifier circuit that amplifies the sound, and a battery to power it. There are many differences in the various hearing aids that we offer at HARMONY Center in terms of design, special feature, and type of technology (which may be digital or analog) used to deliver the right sound amplification.

What types of aids are available?

You can choose between in-ear or behind-the-ear hearing aids. For behind-the-ear models, the device sits snugly behind your ear with an earmold or earpiece usually made from clear tubing. Mini models are also known as “on-the-ear” aids; they increase comfort while reducing feedback. Your other option is an in-ear hearing aid. These aids either sit in the ear or in the ear canal. There are various models available.